Principal teachings of Orthodox Christianity concerning the properties of the soul after death are presented in a clear concise manner, as taught by Church. This Sacrifice alone has the power of saving the soul from eternal death, for it . From Fr. Seraphim Rose, The Soul After Death (Platina, CA: St. Herman of. Fr. Seraphim Rose. The Soul after Death. Contemporary “After-Death” experiences in the Light of the Orthodox Teaching. What happens to the soul when it.

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The Way of All Flesh—What happens to the soul after death /

I personally found it to be dry, though that’s perhaps because I don’t find the subject material that is dealt with to be very interesting. Please forgive the grammatical and spelling errors. He saw seraphimm brother walk in, young, handsome, and healthy.

Seraphim Rose offers an interpretation of the meaning of the contemporary experiences which have been publicized by Drs.

Sad in a way, but it just reinforces that monks are people like the rest of us. Terrible and serious calamities, about which I had no understanding, met me because of my deeds.

The aim of the present book is two-fold: Rose mentions CS Lewis in his book. And before she gave her most holy soul into the all holy hands of Christ, the Mother of God prayed to Him, saying: I turned around and saw my body lying breathless, insensate, and immobile, like someone who has removed his clothing and cast it aside and then looks at it. Steve rated it it was amazing Jun 08, Dana rated it it was amazing Jan 26, Rather than live in denial of death, as is vogue in western culture, why not prepare for it?

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This view would help explain why praying for the “dead” is beneficial, when we Orthodox simultaneously say that there is no purgatory. It’s interesting you mention the well known biography of Fr. Usually I tell my parishioners: Fr Rose then goes onto contrast these modern American experiences with the lives of the saints. Seraphim’s point, made even more convincing by the fact that he never mentions the five stages, because The Soul After Death was written inbefore that model had become so famous.

The Soul After Death

For after they fall they hhe no repentance, just as humans have no repentance after death. Use your money not for outward adornment of the coffin and grave, but in order to help those in need, in memory of your close ones who have died, for churches, where prayers for them are offered.

This once again proves not only the patristic, but also the biblical origin of the teaching on the aerial tollhouses. When I neared the end of my life and the time came for my departure, I saw a multitude of ethiopians milling around my bed.

I found this chapter to be inspiring at times, and made me think about death a lot more–which is a wholly Orthodox attitude.


But in the future, when the body resurrects and the soul returns to it, then the resurrected body will communicate the fullness of being to the soul. It is never too late to repent for him who still in this world. The tollhouses of St. Here we see an example of the correct attitude toward life and death. Nov 07, Ephraim Lawson Bowick rated it it was amazing.

Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Seraphim Rosewho was well acquainted with the system of Orthodox education in the U. There is a story that took place not far from Constantinople. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. It is better for a funeral to be served for two or more of the deceased at the same time, when the prayer of the close ones who have gathered will be all the more fervent, than for several funerals to be served in succession and the services, owing to lack of time and energy, abbreviated; because each word of prayer for the reposed is like a drop of water to a thirsty man.

Your review gives me further incentive. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. The affliction of an hour maketh a man forget pleasure: