4 Feb “Building the New Access Network” are trademarks of Redback Networks Inc. Configure the Next-Hop Lookup Method Used in Routing. The primary administrator interface to the SmartEdge router is the CLI. . Displays the current configuration of the SmartEdge router or the contents of a. This document describes how to configure all types of SmartEdge line cards and The SmartEdge router supports Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet (GE) ports.

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Configuration Deployment to Startup with reboot. Table 3 lists two Emacs-style command keyboard sequences that allow you to step through previously entered commands. Modifying Output of show Commands. If the maximum number of concurrent sessions permitted on the system is greater than the maximum cinfiguration of permitted SSH sessions, the remaining sessions must be Telnet sessions. General Access release notes CLI protocols: Next, the grep command filters what it receives and outputs only the lines that contain atmethernetor rate.

Actions could be read the defaultskipor recurse reads all files under each directory, recursively. Setting this variable will cause any tasks that require enable mode to fail.

The following output is that of the show circuit count command without the join-lines keyword. The SmartEdge router provides default settings for configuratino console sessions. Displays only the lines that contain text that matches the specified pattern. Table 4 lists additional Emacs-style command keyboard sequences.


Device Template

See the Command List or the specific document for the mode you plan to access. No part of this document may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the copyright owner. The term SmartEdge chassis refers to any version of the SmartEdge chassis. Congiguration outstanding transactions for other administrators or internal processes.

Configyration all commands will return concatenated output when the join-lines keyword is issued. Number of lines before the first line containing the matching pattern to display.

The administrator name is of the form admin-name ctx-name. Change the current privilege level for an exec session while in exec mode. For information douter how to configure an SSE card, see Reference [5]. This document describes how to configure all types of SmartEdge line cards and services cards in the SmartEdge, confiyuration, and H chassis and provides information about the capabilities of these cards.

Enter this command in exec mode. This keyword is convenient when using exclude and grep keywords. The pattern must be a regular expression.

Enter global configuration mode. The following example displays all lines from the output for the show configuration command in any mode beginning with the line before the first line that contains the word patternospfand including configudation 6 lines after the first occurrence of the pattern:.

Configuring Cards

This document also describes setting up and using the SmartEdge media interface cards MICs and native ports. Move up one level in the configuration mode hierarchy while in a configuration mode; return to exec mode while in global configuration mode.


Regular expression, starting with a hyphen, which can contain upper and lower case letters. Alternatively, it could be applied to a single device by setting the device access variable “PollRead” to “true”.

There are many tools that provide Telnet and SSH access to remote configurattion.

In general, you must provide the system name the hostname configured for the system or IP address the IP address configured for the system management portas well as an administrator name and password.

If the console port has been secured, you are prompted to log on; if the console port has not been secured, you initiate your session by simply pressing Enter.

If you forget all passwords on the system, you must perform the password discovery procedure described in Recovering Passwords. For example, you can specify the line number at which the output is to begin, output only lines containing certain patterns, and apply filtering criteria cohfiguration pass only those lines you want to see.

Enter this command in any configuration mode. To get more detailed help, enter the –help keyword after adding the grep command to a show command as in the following example:.

Enhanced Layer2 Basic IP information parsing.